Ordinary PEOPLE,

In as little as twelve weeks we`ve transformed real people, people like you with real lives and real

responsibilities into having the body of their dreams.


 Most Personal Trainers Have It Wrong

They focus on being your friend and fear losing your custom, but forget about getting

you results! Rent-a-friend trainers are nice, but if those sessions don’t convert into

muscle and strength gained or fat lost, it doesn’t matter. What we care about are

results and how much we can change you and your life.

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My name is Nash Jocic, I transform people's lives. I don't care about gimmicky diets, cookie cutter strategies or even being your friend...


…all i care about is how much i can help you. I’ll assess your body, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a bespoke solution that transforms your body.

Before we start our engagement I’ll tell you what results you can expect, conservatively, moderately and aggressively and the exact steps needed to hit those goals.


We’ve helped hundreds to become leaner, fitter and more confident.


As director of training, I’ve hand picked a world class team of in-house experts trained to the highest standard to deliver excellence. To see the team and learn more about how we can help you please visit www.nashfittraining.com

We’ve worked with people of all shapes, sizes and lifestyle, delivering lasting results in even the most challenging cases. 

Before we take you onboard as a client. I want you to read the case studies below to get an idea of the results you can expect.

Brady Selkirk completely transformed his physique in just 4 months

“The transformation that I have achieved training with Nash in four months was simply surreal! Nash has completely changed my training system, introduced me to the most effective training techniques and created personalised nutrition program for me that has helped me keep my size and get rid of all that unwanted fat that I couldn’t lose for years. Training with Nash has completely changed my Life!” – Brady Selkirk

Matt Young shredded body fat and gained muscle simultaneously in 12 short weeks!

“After spending years trying to reach maximum size and definition I just hit the wall and reached a plateaux I couldn’t overcome. I was far away from my dream physique. Then, I came across Nash’s website and gave him a call. He started training me, introduced me to training techniques and a diet that I never heard of before. After only 12 weeks my dream came true! I’m now bigger than ever and in the best shape of my life. Without meeting Nash I would never have achieved this level of development.” – Matt Young

Jonathan Hughes progress is out of this world and continues to impress everyone in the gym!

“I was looking for a personal trainer with the experience and enthusiasm to help me get the most from my training, someone with a track record of achievement that I could respect and learn from. Nash combines all these qualities with the utmost professionalism to help you get the most from your routine and diet. Training with Nash has been consistently demanding yet enjoyable, challenging yet rewarding. My progress says it all!” – Jonathan Hughes

Cesare Pizzelli finally realised his dream in only 12 weeks of training

“For years I was so ashamed of myself as I was obese, my self confidence was very low and because of that I didn’t have any social life. Then I heard about Nash and just thought that he may help me. I started training with him and after he identified the best training and nutrition program for me, I started losing fat like never before, I lost 20 pounds of fat and at the same time my muscles started growing! In 12 weeks I looked like I always imagined myself in my dreams. I’m still growing and looking forward to even better improvement. Training with Nash was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!” – Cesare Pizzelli

Marcus Wilde got in the best shape of his life and showcased it in competition!

“I just wanted to thank Nash for my journey over the last year and our professional relationship together. He more than delivered on my goal in which I set out to do from my very first consultation with him. Stepping out on stage to compete under his coaching was one of the most thrilling and happiest personal moments of my life. He never once complained, never cancelled on me, he devoted his attention and focus to me at all times. Nash’s professionalism, dedication and attention is second-to-none. I am forever grateful.” - Marcus Wilde



When you join Muscleworks you don’t just get a trainer who’s there to count your reps and put your weights away. You get access to the hands on knowledge of me and my team and so much more…

  • Dedicated gym time with a trainer
  • Supplementation plans tailored and constantly tweaked to take into account of unique your own biochemistry
  • Lifestyle management advice to enable you to always get the most out of your training and fit around your life as seamlessly as possible
  • Private personal training gym with access to the latest cutting edge equipment
  • All your diet programs carefully constructed around your unique goals and metabolism
  • We’ re on call 24/7, via email and telephone

Thanks to Nash and the Muscleworks Team. I have never felt so fit, energetic, healthy and confident in my entire life. With focused training, nutritional guidance and weekly monitoring of fat loss, results are guaranteed.

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