After years of thinking about it and contemplating it, finally I have decided to get involved in a production of a bodybuilding and fitness competition called the Total Fitness Extravaganza (TFE) in partners with The Beef magazine and the supplement brand Sports Nutrition Europe (SNE). I will make sure this will become one of the

Sav Says Issue 1

PROTEIN: The word protein is derived from the greek word proton- proteios, meaning the word first, which means “of prime importance”. The human body needs protein to build muscle, bone, and skin. Protein also helps to create enzymes, hormones and antibodies. As you may know that I’m greek myself and as it was the first


I’m very sorry to say that in my last article, I mentioned certain things regarding certain federations on not doing the right thing by their members and may have given the wrong impression regarding one of the best federations in this country the UKBFF. I’d like to put the record straight by saying that the